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  • Order will only be confirmed after payment is received.


  • Not allow for changing of delivery/pick up dates & that there will be no refund possible once an order is confirmed.


  • Delivery time normally around 12pm-6pm, it’s buyer responsible to inform us if there’s any timing would like to avoid in case no one to receive at the location. Estimate arrival time can’t be accurate, timing subject to change based on the delivery schedule/traffic. We will not be responsible to any not specified avoid time of delivery.


  • Due to the epidemic situation, delivery to shopping malls/apartments/any building like places, the driver will only contact the recipient at the entrance downstairs to collect it. Door to door service is not available. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • If buyers wish to send as surprise delivery, must inform us earlier to cooperate with your plan. If there’s not allow to contact receiver for the delivery, once despatch arrived to delivery location but no one to receive the order, there’s a surcharge for changing delivery address.


  • Displayed product will differ slightly from photos due to the unique nature of each arrangement, lighting contrast and the photos are taken in a specific way, the final product may be slightly different from the sample.


  • Certain types and colours of flowers are seasonal. If the selected flower and colour combination is unavailable at the time of your order, we will replace it with one of equal value or higher.



  1. 只接受现金/银行线上转账。
  2. 任何商品/课程于付款后皆不退款。
  3. 银行线上付款成功后,请将汇款证明回传至我们的Whatsapp号码以作确认。


  1. 课程付款后,若当日无法出席,请在至少3天前通知,因上课花材皆进口鲜花,鲜花保存期限有限,请勿当日作取消以浪费花材。
  2. 花材会以当季花材为主,如遇花材短缺将会更换部分花材,可能会有主花缺货问题,会电话联络询问更换事项。
  3. 因鲜花有鉴赏期,若爽单或故意弃单,将会被列入黑名单中。


  1. 鲜花属大自然作品,任何鲜花作品颜色大小皆不一,成果作品与图片中作品的呈现将不一。
  2. 花艺师将做出独一无二的作品,无法与图片中的原作品一样,除个人要求,尽可能让作品相似。
  3. 每份鲜花作品包装后在运送的过程中会因脱水、温度改变的因素,鲜花或许会有少许的不美观,请客人们在拿到花束后,让花束浸在适量的水中,以延长鲜花的寿命。

***若有任何异议,Glynis Floral 拥有任何的更改和最终保留决定权。***